Proudly handcrafted in New Zealand

High quality construction

All of our extremely high finished pools are proudly handcrafted in New Zealand. NZ Swimming Pools does not compromise on your swimming pool construction; we only use best sourced materials for your pool. You want your swimming pool to last and look vibrant for a lifetime, so do we. That’s why we start with a pool builder who has 20 + years’ experience. Swimming pool construction is just not about sourcing the right materials, it’s about the application of them in controlled environments with records and checks in place to make sure every pool lives up to the NZ Swimming Pools name.

Mould preparation

Highly finished defect free swimming pool moulds. We have invested a lot of time and expense to bring our customers only the best swimming pool moulds available. This directly effects the beautiful finish of your large investment. Once we have gone to trouble of making sure that this mould is blemish free and ready for the application of the gelcoat, it is important now not to walk on the mould and risk cross contamination. This also eliminates the chances of defects in the gelcoat finish.

Aquaguard gelcoat application

A range of striking high performance gelcoats, giving an extremely decorative and reflective finish. These highly durable coatings exhibit outstanding weathering and fade resistance properties and contain stunning jewel highlights. This is why Nuplex is a premium Gelcoat supplier within the Swimming Pool industry.

Epoxy vinyl ester resin

This is a corrosive resistant layer. Vinyl Ester Resin is a high performance resin that provides improved strength and prevents water penetration into the gelcoat, referred to in the industry as Osmosis. This coat is left to fully cure before following applications are applied.

4 Structural layer technology

After making sure we have achieved the water barrier and sealed the gelcoat with the Vinyl Ester Epoxy Resin. We then expertly apply 4 full layers of Structural Fiberglass.

Strengthening and bracing

Once the fourth layer of fiberglass has fully cured, we then apply rigid support structure with further fiberglass, we also seal in steps and seats with fiberglass so they are fully supported. We also then enclose the edge of bond beam back to the pool, this fiberglass enclosure is another way to make sure our pools stay superior.

Water barrier

We used the Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin in the first coat of to protect the Gelcoat from water and moisture. We now need to do this same to the outside of the pool. While many other companies will use a tinted polyester resins or flow coats we use a specially formulated coating that provides the ultimate in swimming pool protection.

About our Pool Colours - Aquaguard® Shimmer

A range of striking, high performance gelcoats giving an extremely decorative and reflective finish. These highly durable coatings exhibit outstanding weather and fade resistance properties and contain stunning jewel highlights. Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to try and represent the actual colours in our brochure, however owing to the reflective nature of these finishes and inherent distortions in photographic and printing processes, some variations may be noted. Our dealers have actual colour samples to provide a better colour comparison.